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January 13 & 20, 2012 Random Ice Photos   Leave a comment

January feels like a life-time ago.  We had ice storms last winter, this particular storm was forecast to be a mess.  We were bracing for power outages and many days.  Fortunately the freezing rain was only a bit of freezing drizzle that didn’t amount to much more than a bit ice when on untreated surfaces when the storm first started.  The frozen kitty prints reminded me that in just a few month’s we would be complaining about the heat of summer, what little did I realize how much we would be complaining.

The next photo was our neighbor’s resolution to the ice storm that was in progress.  When I saw ou neighbors had abundantly salted their driveway,  my brain screamed  “Once you get past that salt you put down, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO STOP?”  To be honest, the gene pool has not improved with this DNA.

Footprints in the snow

Ice and salt – good luck stopping when you beyond that salt in front of your driveway!


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January 8, 2012 Back Home   Leave a comment

We had an early flight from Miami to St. Louis.  I have read some place that photos from an airplane window – not worth the time or effort.  I beg to differ with that opinion.  I like my airplane shots.

St. Louis From The Air


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January 7, 2012 Last Full Day in Florida   Leave a comment

This would be the last of Florida this Saturday January 7.  Bill had meetings and I decided to find a Botanical Gardens for flower and tropical plants macro photography.  Another beautiful sunrise, a little research and my trusty GPS equipped cell phone and I was ready to explore.  I discovered that the Botanical Garden on Miami Beach was picturesque for weddings but not what I had in my mind’s eye.  A quick Google moment and I had directions to Miami Botanical Gardens.  I found a gated community but not the gardens.  I decided that there would not be a third attempt, I remembered seeing a Target and Michel’s along the way and a bit of shopping therapy might be in order.

Target and Michel’s had nothing I needed so I headed back to the hotel.  After Bill’s meetings we took a nice walk along the beach, packed most of our stuff and then readied for happy hour and dinner.  Below are the results from our last day in Florida.

Miami Beach Sunrise – This is my favorite, I think the seabirds in flight added a dimension to this moment.





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January 6, 2012 Just Desserts, Ship, Missed Sunrise shot   Leave a comment

We discovered Manolo on our first day.  Sugar rush included layer of yellow cake, a layer of caramel, a layer of whipped cream frosting, a layer of crushed margarine cookies, a layer of peaches, a layer of yellow cake a layer of whipped cream frosting topped with a layer of crushed margarine cookies.  Sugar overdose anyone?  How about a slice of that ‘healthy with the peaches’ cake?


It would have been a beautiful evening to spend on our balcony watching the ships coming and going but Bill had NSPE obligations.  I was able to capture a bit of the evening’s beauty before heading out for happy hour and dinner with Mike (NICET Executive Director).

Sunset glow

Sorry, I missed this one when I posted the sunrise pictures for this day.  I took this one with my phone camera.

Cruise Ship Sunrise

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January 6, 2012 Pine Tree Park   Leave a comment

We discovered Pine Tree Drive when we were looking for a local laundromat.  We went back so I could take a picture of the street and discovered a park nearby with Banyan Trees, Palm Trees and of course Pine Trees. It was a beautiful park with a ‘dog park’ for the local pooches.

Pine Tree Drive, Miami FL

Pine Tree Park Banyan Tree

Ferns at the base of a Palm Tree

Checking Messages enjoying a moment in the sun

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January 6, 2012 Miami Beach South Point   Leave a comment

After our sunrise excursion and breakfast, we headed out to see what we could see on Miami Beach.  A relaxing walk through South Point Park, we enjoyed people watching and another view of the ocean.  When driving around Miami Beach looking for a laundromat,  we discovered Pine Tree Drive.  I wanted to return because I had a photo in mind.  We also made a stop at Pine Tree Park.

The View (from our hotel room)

South Point Park:


South Point Public Beach


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January 6, 2012 Sunrise and a nearby park visit   Leave a comment

Another early morning to capture the sunrise.  Setting the clock early and watching the sun come up is well worth the lost sleep.  No meetings left Bill free so we stayed local and enjoyed a slower paced day.  I love the many colors that sunrise and sunsets can provide.  No color changes

Sunrise Colors:

Pre-Sunrise Glory (Bill and I on the beach)

Peaking Above the Horizon

Morning Gold

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