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January 13 & 20, 2012 Random Ice Photos   Leave a comment

January feels like a life-time ago.  We had ice storms last winter, this particular storm was forecast to be a mess.  We were bracing for power outages and many days.  Fortunately the freezing rain was only a bit of freezing drizzle that didn’t amount to much more than a bit ice when on untreated surfaces when the storm first started.  The frozen kitty prints reminded me that in just a few month’s we would be complaining about the heat of summer, what little did I realize how much we would be complaining.

The next photo was our neighbor’s resolution to the ice storm that was in progress.  When I saw ou neighbors had abundantly salted their driveway,  my brain screamed  “Once you get past that salt you put down, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO STOP?”  To be honest, the gene pool has not improved with this DNA.

Footprints in the snow

Ice and salt – good luck stopping when you beyond that salt in front of your driveway!


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