January 5, 2012 Air-boat Ride at Everglades   Leave a comment

After hearing a presentation on the state of the Everglades (Did you hear the one where Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward wining platform was to “drain that abominable, pestilence-ridden swamp.”)  Today there are several organizations that are trying to restore the Everglades (fix the sins of the past).  Unfortunately population growth, continued water extraction and chemical and waste water runoff continues to threaten the very fine balance that is the Everglades.

**Note**  Air-boat rides are noisy which keeps most birds and animals at a distance.  It’s an entertaining way to spend an afternoon but we saw more at the Everglades National Park.  There were no alligators in the Glades on this day, only the few that hang out by the Air-boat docks.  The absence of alligators didn’t stop me from taking pictures; enjoy more birds.

Adult White Ibis

The Seminole Indians called Everglades Pa-hay-okee, meaning “Grassy Water”

Great Egret in flight

Great Egret on the hunt

Common Moorehen

Little Blue Heron

Mature (White) and Juvenile White Ibis

Brazilian Pepper

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