January 5, 2012 Morning Sunshine and Air-boat Ride   Leave a comment

After our tour of Everglades Park yesterday, we checked into the hotel where NSPE conference would be held.  We headed to the beach before sun up to capture a Florida Sunrise.  When we got to the beach we discovered a group that had stayed up all night.  We met a group of West Virginia University students on the beach.  We soon discovered they were band members in Florida and had played at the football game for their Orange Bowl Victors (West Virginia University 70 beat Clemson 33).

After sunrise, Bill had morning meetings to attend.  We met again for continuing education lecture and Air-boat ride in the Everglades. After the Air-boat ride we went to dinner on South Beach with NICET Executive Director, Mike.

As the sun came up we had the pleasure of seeing two sunrises due to marine layer that appeared to be hovering just above the ocean in the distance.

Sunrise 1


Still rising:

Brightening the Sky:


Sunrise 2:

West Virginia University Band’s Morning (Sunrise) Glow:

Woo Hoo!

West Virginia University Sunrise from Cell Phone:

Congratulations West Virginia University!  If the students we met on the morning of January 5 is a broad sampling of “the next generation”, our country will soon be known for Compassionate and Caring World Leaders!

NEXT: Everglades Air-Boat Ride and Dinner in South Beach


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