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January 5, 2012 Air-boat Ride at Everglades   Leave a comment

After hearing a presentation on the state of the Everglades (Did you hear the one where Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward wining platform was to “drain that abominable, pestilence-ridden swamp.”)  Today there are several organizations that are trying to restore the Everglades (fix the sins of the past).  Unfortunately population growth, continued water extraction and chemical and waste water runoff continues to threaten the very fine balance that is the Everglades.

**Note**  Air-boat rides are noisy which keeps most birds and animals at a distance.  It’s an entertaining way to spend an afternoon but we saw more at the Everglades National Park.  There were no alligators in the Glades on this day, only the few that hang out by the Air-boat docks.  The absence of alligators didn’t stop me from taking pictures; enjoy more birds.

Adult White Ibis

The Seminole Indians called Everglades Pa-hay-okee, meaning “Grassy Water”

Great Egret in flight

Great Egret on the hunt

Common Moorehen

Little Blue Heron

Mature (White) and Juvenile White Ibis

Brazilian Pepper

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January 5, 2012 Morning Sunshine and Air-boat Ride   Leave a comment

After our tour of Everglades Park yesterday, we checked into the hotel where NSPE conference would be held.  We headed to the beach before sun up to capture a Florida Sunrise.  When we got to the beach we discovered a group that had stayed up all night.  We met a group of West Virginia University students on the beach.  We soon discovered they were band members in Florida and had played at the football game for their Orange Bowl Victors (West Virginia University 70 beat Clemson 33).

After sunrise, Bill had morning meetings to attend.  We met again for continuing education lecture and Air-boat ride in the Everglades. After the Air-boat ride we went to dinner on South Beach with NICET Executive Director, Mike.

As the sun came up we had the pleasure of seeing two sunrises due to marine layer that appeared to be hovering just above the ocean in the distance.

Sunrise 1


Still rising:

Brightening the Sky:


Sunrise 2:

West Virginia University Band’s Morning (Sunrise) Glow:

Woo Hoo!

West Virginia University Sunrise from Cell Phone:

Congratulations West Virginia University!  If the students we met on the morning of January 5 is a broad sampling of “the next generation”, our country will soon be known for Compassionate and Caring World Leaders!

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January 4, 2012 Beyond the Pond   Leave a comment

During our drive through and near the Everglades I kept noticing bare trees standing alone.  The dry grass and the bare tree silhouette made me think Africa/Serengeti.

Stunted Cypress Tree

Great White Egret

Snowy Egret

NEXT: January 5 Sunrise and Miami Beach

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January 4, 2012 Everglades Pond   Leave a comment

After our very long lunch we decided to head out of the park for Eden Rock Hotel on Miami Beach, the NSPE winter meeting location.  We noticed several cars pulled over to the side of the road, Bill pulled over so we could see what everyone was looking at.  OH MY!  It was feeding time at the clearing/pond.  I didn’t think to count, I just started taking pictures…

I will try my best to identify the many birds I captured:

Roseate Spoonbill, Adult White Ibis, Muscovy Duck, Great Blue Heron

Foreground: Anhinga, Background: Blue Heron

Green-winged Teals (Common Moorhen in background)

Bottoms Up (Green-winged Teals pokes its head in the water to sift food from the muddy bottom)


Splish Splash – Female Blue-winged Teals or Female Green-winged Teals

Blue or Green-winged Teals

Clockwise from back to front: Female Blue or Green-winged Teals, American Coot, Common Moorhen, Male Green-winged Teal

Mirror, Mirror On The Pond (Common Moorhen) 

I’m So Pretty – American Coot 

Roseate Spoonbill and American Coot

NEXT:  Beyond the Pond 

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January 4, 2012 Everglades National Park   Leave a comment

We thought we’d do a quick stop at Everglades National Park visitor center and then possibly drive by Biscayne National Park leaving us plenty of time to check into the ‘meeting’ hotel giving us plenty of time to relax before meeting activities started.  Really, how interesting could a dirty swamp be? WRONG!

Everglades National Park, must stop, must see and must explore!!! Everglades National Park, skip lunch at Flamingo.  We decided to drive to the end of the glades and each lunch as suggested by one of the staff at the visitors center.  The food was really good but it took over 2 hours to get hamburgers – one cook working out of a temporary kitchen (truck) and a menu with way too many choices.  Great concept just too many choices and many many angry customers.  In the mean time, I enjoyed people watching and wildlife observing.

White Pelicans At The (sand)Bar


Moon Rise in the Glades

Osprey On High

Check Me Out White Pelican 

He kept swimming closer and closer 

NEXT:  Everglades pond – an amazing variety of birds in one place

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January 4, 2012 Birding in Key Largo and Everglades National Park   Leave a comment

I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the shell stores I saw in Key Largo area.  I wanted to pick up a few shells and ask a friend to incorporate them into a necklace.  We quickly discovered that there was a great deal of shells imported from Taiwan.  I didn’t see anything that said that it was plucked from the Florida area or the Keys.  A bit disappointing but at the same time I was heart warmed to think that conserving nature was important here too.

This day quickly became a day to capture birds.  On the way back from Key Largo Bill stopped so I could take a pictures of the Great Egrets.

Great Egrets in flight

Frozen in time or looking for a frog to eat

Tree full of Great Egrets

I was happy that we could stop on the side of the road so that I could take pictures of these beauties.  I had seen them the previous two days but due to the traffic it would not have been safe to stop.

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