January 3, 2012 Part 4 Bahia Honda Bridge   Leave a comment

Next stop was the Bahia Honda Bridge.  We were heading East towards Key Largo on Highway 1 and stopped at the far end of the bridge.  It was a bit scary walking out to the edge of the bridge and the strong winds just added to my unease.  We exchanged photos with a couple that was heading to Key West (he had promised his girl a Key West Sunset). We would head over to Bahia Honda Key for our sunset opportunity. 

On the Edge of Revolution – On top of the roadway someone had sprayed the word “Revolution”

 Man vs Nature – Nature partially won; 1935 Labor Day Hurricane weakened the bridge. Prior to the Labor Day Hurricane, Bahia Honda Bridge was part of the Overseas Railroad.  In 1938 it was converted for automobile traffic to becoming part of the Overseas Highway.  A new four lane bridge was built in 1972.  Two of the truss spans have been removed to accommodate boat traffic. 


Between  – Under Highway 1

Bahia Honda Rail Bridge, Scuba Diver and Coral Reef Tide Pools

Tide Pool Pile – there were several ‘dry’ pools that had a pile of shells deposited from a previous high tide or storm


Next:  Bahia Honda Sunset


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