January 3, 2012 Part 3 Gulf Side of Key West   Leave a comment

After visiting the “Southern Most Point” Bill and I stopped by a few shops in the area (very touristy but fun).  We headed over to the gulf side of the island.  Bill wanted to put his feet in the gulf side too (unsuccessful – this will require another trip to Florida).  After finding a place to park we headed towards the water but only got as far as a boardwalk.  We had a great view of a cruise ship and tug boat.  After walking around a bit we decided to get out of the wind and enjoyed lunch and people watching.  We stopped for a picture of the end of Highway 1 to match the beginning of Highway 1 we took the previous day.  We also stopped by Harry Truman’s Little White House.

Our Time in the Keys was coming to an end and we wanted to stop by “the broken bridge” (our name for bridge near Bahia Honda Key). 

 Banyan Tree (Strangler Fig) wraps its roots around a host tree.  Pictured below are this older tree’s “Aerial Roots”.  Banyan Trees are the choice plant for bonsai.


Cruise Ship and Tug Boat

Windy Day – It wasn’t a gentle tropical breeze kind of day as seen from the Palm leaves below.

Beginning/Ending Highway  1 –  Highway 1 extends from Fort Kent, Main at the Canadian/U.S. Boarder to Key West, Florida.  We have traveled parts of Highway 1 in other states.  Perhaps someday we can color in all 2,377 miles of  Highway 1 as ‘traveled’.

NEXT:  Bahia Honda Bridge


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