January 3, 2012 Back to the Keys – Say Cheese Part 2   Leave a comment

Even though we had an early start and chose a quicker route, there was a line when we arrived at our desired destination; Most Southeastern Point of the United States.  There is a circus like atmosphere – everyone standing in line for the same purpose – a big cheesy smile photo  standing next to a huge block of concrete.  It was fun talking to the people around us.  According to signage in various places throughout Key West, Cuba is just 90 miles from the tip of Key West. 

Key West is closer to Havana (106 miles)  than it is to Miami 129 miles)  In 1980 a sharp downturn in the Cuban economy and resulting unrest the Cuban government announced that anyone who wanted to leave could .  Between April 15 and October 30, as many as 125,000 Cubans journeyed from Cuba’s Mariel Harbor (The Mariel boatlift) to Florida.  The U.S. Cost Guard and Marines could ‘assist but could not directly transport’ refugees.  The U.S. Army provided assistance to the over taxed Florida national guard and provided on the ground safety and security.

Waiting to Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Bill in the Atlantic Ocean (he said the water was really cold)

NEXT:  A few more pictures from Key West


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