January 3, 2012 Back to the Keys   Leave a comment

We thought we could make a quick trip back down to Key West for the sister shot to the most Northwestern Point of the Continental U.S. – the most Southeastern Point of the U.S.  We had picked out a few things we liked and would try to capture; broken down bridges, a tree growing in a dilapidated bridge etc.  It proved to be a sunny but very windy day. 

Pelicans, herons and egrets don’t exactly have a smooth landing.  I love to watch these large birds take off.  Their take offs are a bit labor intense but has a grace in its own manner.  But Oh My – those landings! I seemed to hold my breath just waiting for a bird to miss ‘step’ and tumble ass over tea kettle.  This day’s strong winds found me holding my breath each time they flew close to the roadway/bridges getting caught in a cross current or when they tried landing  on the adjacent  abandoned bridge (runs parallel in several places along highway 1 from Key Largo to Key West).  The skies stayed rain free but there were many cloud shadows to entertain me.

Broken Bridge and Cloud Shadows

Nature vs Man = Bridge Tree  Someone had decorated this tree with Christmas lights.  Unfortunately we couldn’t safely stop and take a picture of the lights. 

Brown Pelican in Flight –  fighting air currents of a windy day in Florida

Many shades of Turquoise

 NEXT:  Most Southeastern Point of U.S.


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