January 1, 2012 A Visit to Miami Florida   Leave a comment

Bill had meetings in Miami and I tagged along for an early (week-long) birthday celebration.  Traveling on New Year’s day provides a strange feeling.  It takes a holiday and quickly turns it into a vacation day.  You know, the type of day where you get to play and everyone else in the world is on a normal schedule.  We arrived in Miami around dinner time, checked into our hotel and asked about local foods.  “Well Red Lobster is open today,” we quickly explained that were looking for local restaurants not a chain restaurant.  Our travel guide explains “This is New Year’s Day and most business in the United States are closed because it’s a holiday here.”  Mental note: It’s a holiday not just day one of vacation.

We headed over to Red Lobster then took a drive to check out the location of Bill’s meeting venue (Eden Rock Hotel, Miami Beach).  We ended up driving through South Beach – traffic reminded me of the traffic on the Strip in Las Vegas.  Bumper to bumper with NO ONE going anywhere fast and plenty to look at.   When we first arrived on the island, I thought wow, many, many great looking men.  Hey many, many great looking men, Ohhhh many, many great looking men. 

After the most decadent pie at Manolo’s Restaurant we headed back to the hotel via Miami, stopping to take pictures along the way.  Below are the best of this night’s captures.

Mimi Don at Manolo’s Restaurant (7300 Collins Avenue  Miami Beach, FL 33141)

Miami Night Lights

 From Pelican Harbor Park (Home of “The Fin Project: From Swords into Plowshares” Sculpture by John T. Young)

Miami Sky Line

NEXT:  Florida Keys


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