December 17, 2011 A Smidge of Christmas   3 comments

Went out looking for Christmas Lights to capture and found many beautiful lights that I just couldn’t capture as I had dreamed.  I’ll try again next year to capture the ‘feel’ I get when seeing holiday decorations.  May Christmas stay in your heart all year, no matter the month. 

Thanksgiving in May and Christmas in May – I’m a bit late posting.  2011 provided many photo opportunities and 2012 has kept me busy with trips to Florida and Denver in addition to Cell phone camera picture a day project, a broken toe and a bit of tendonitis caused by an over aggressive walking program. This year is almost half over and I wish I had been out more capturing the moment.  I will make June 1 my refresh, reset the year and get back to my ‘monthly’ photography session.

May Christmas Shine Today

Shopping in Kirkwood


Tree Lot

Cor Jesu Academy  Nativity

Next:  Florida (Miami, Florida Keys and Miami Beach)


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3 responses to “December 17, 2011 A Smidge of Christmas

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  1. But look at it this way, if you’re going to start June 1 to get back on track…that means that you ONLY HAVE TO WAIT 5 MTHS FOR ALL THE CHRISTMAS STUFF TO START UP AGAIN!!!! (and around that ball goes :)!!! LOL

    Happy Summer Christmas! 😀

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