November 26, 2011 Thanksgiving in Leavenworth Part 2   Leave a comment

Day two of Thanksgiving in Leavenworth; while Bill helped his Dad Kristen and I headed to Kansas City to visit National Archives and a photography exhibition “Picture This! One Hundred Years of Photography” .  Remember National Archives is part of the Smithsonian and most exhibits are free! 

I got a bit confused on the exact location of the National Archives.  We stopped by Kansas City’s Union Station.  We looked around a bit, enjoyed the train show and had a fun lunch at Pierpont’s. 

Once again, National Archives did not fail!  I left this exhibit inspired to practice, practice, practice and list of artist to reasearch to further enjoy their work. 

An alternate name for this day’s group might be “Saturday in Motion”.  Almost all that I consider the best from the day’s shooting include motion captured.  (Hey check me out, all photos posted are landscape – not one portrait LOL).

Christmas Village Train

Waiting To See Santa

Freight In Motion

Future Christmas Card?

Next: Leavenworth Thanksgiving Part 3


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