November 25, 2011 Thanksgiving in Leavenworth Part I   Leave a comment

Family fun with the Aaron’s and ‘visitin’.  Friday, Kristen and I headed out to pay respect to her grand-father at Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery.  

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

Cemetery Statue

In Preparation –  Preparing for today’s burial.

 Next we visited “Riverfront Park”.  This park is on the Lewis & Clark Trail, a sign states they stopped here on July 1, 1804 and suffered greatly from the heat.  “The water we drink or the Common water of the missourie at this time, contains a half a Comm Wine Glass of ooze or mud to every pint – ”

Centennial Bridge – A through arch bridge connecting Leavenworth, KS to Platte County Missouri

Connecting States – This bridge connects not only Missouri to Kansas it also connects Kansas’ K-92 and Missouri Route 92.

We headed back to Memaw and PawPaw’s because the weather was dank, damp and just chilly!  Later we tried to visited Mrs. Martens unfortunately she wasn’t home.  On our way back to town I spied these Hedge Apples(Osage Orange Tree).  I would have never guessed these grapefruit sized “fruit” grew on such small branches.  (I tried this picture in black and white and it just didn’t look as good as the colored version. I have added  a small black and white version is below).

Hedge Apple



NEXT:  Kansas City and trip to National Archives Photography Exhibit


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