November 4, 2011 No Camera Day, Fink Cousins Dinner, Camera Night   Leave a comment

On our last day, we planned to visit National Archives.  I decided to go camera-less during the day because I knew there would be “no photography allowed” most of the day.  Dinner with Bill’s cousins Greg and Jonathon Fink was great fun!  Wonderful food as well as lively and entertaining conversation made for a great way to spend our last evening in Washington D.C. Can’t wait to meet up with you again Greg and Jonathon!

After dinner we headed back to the condo to meet Patty and Ken for a last photography session.  Main stop on the agenda was the White House.

After a few iconic stops (Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial) we headed over to gawk at “our house”.  We found a parking spot not far from the White House.  As we were walking to the White House, the air was a-buzz with helicopters.  I kept thinking, this would drive me nuts if I had to listen to that ALL the time.  We took pictures of the front of the White House and headed towards the back when we saw IT – The Presidential Helicopter.  President Obama was returning from the G20 Summit in Cannes.  How exciting, well until we were stopped by Uniformed Secret Service, not allowing us a close view of Mr. Obama exiting the helicopter.  Once the Presidential Helicopter had vanished into the night, we were allowed to proceed to the normal viewing area at the back of the White House.   We were having a grand giggle until the lights illuminating the back of the White House were turned off.  Night Mr. President, night Mrs. Obama, night girls and good night Bo – LOL!  I’m not sure what I expected but I found the lights being turned off too cute and a reminder that the White House is a working home for the First Family.  The lights going out also reminded us that we had one more stop (the Capital) before heading back to the condo to pack for our morning flight back to our reality.

Lincoln Memorial

Mr. Lincoln observing his visitors

The Wall (Vietnam Memorial) and Washington Monument

Korean War Memorial

Southern Entrance (Rear) White House


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