November 3, 2011 Part 3 Supreme Court, Congressional Library, Capital Tour   Leave a comment

Because we had visited the Senate on a previous visit, we chose to visit the House on this visit.  Through our House of Representative, Congressman Russ Carnahan, we had a tour of the Capital, visited the House Gallery and spent a few minutes with Congressman Carnahan.  All in all a very enjoyable visit. 

We were surprised by an impromptu tour of the “Ways and Means” Committee Room just because I was reading the plaque on the wall near the door. Our tour guide was not only entertaining but filled us in a bit of the history of the room’s decorations.  I would be interested in a tour of all the decorated committee rooms – if this sort of tour exists.

House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means Hearing Room

I wish I could remember this gentleman’s name, we enjoyed the stories and history of the committee.  Thanks again sir!

Capital Visitor Center Glass Ceiling

Additional information on the U.S. Capital Architecture

Ken, Patty, me and Bill standing in front of the plaster model of “Statue of Freedom” that has been on public display since 1993 (Cast-Iron “Statue of Freedom” has been on display atop the Capital Dome since December 2, 1863).

National Statuary Hall Collection are statues donated by individual states to honor notable persons in their history.  Missouri’s honoree is Senator Thomas Hart Benton.  He was elected in 1820 and served Missouri for 30 years. He championed the cause of the farmers that owned their own land.  His support of hard money (the anti-United States Bank position) earned him the nickname “Old Bullion.”  In 1850 it was Benton’s outspoken anti-slavery views that cost him his Senate seat.

President Ronald Regan – the newest addition to the Statuary Hall of the Capitol

We finished our day out with a dinner on King Street.  One day remaining and a planned visit to the National Archives.

NEXT: November 4 – last day & night in Washington DC!


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