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January 2, 2012 Destination Key West Part 2   Leave a comment

Highway 1 to Key West is a beautiful drive.  I thought the “Keys” was the water between the land masses but was corrected.  White sand, torques and blue water reflecting the sand and sky – just beautiful.  You look at the beauty the area has to offer, the party atmosphere in Key West and then you see the reminders of past hurricanes.  The Keys are a beautiful place to visit in January.  Not sure I’d want to be around during a hurricane – our Tornado’s here in the Mid-west is too much weather for me!

Roaming Chickens – Chickens Roam Free throughout this island

The Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum

Lighthouse Stairs – 88 step circle staircase

The Southernmost Point – Cuba is just 90 miles from this beach

Cornish Memorial AME Zion Church Exterior

Cornish Memorial AME Zion Church Interior

CRASH! When I fell the camera took this picture.  This is what happens when you’re observing your surroundings and not watching our step.  See that step – it’s not carpeted wood it was carpeted concrete.  I landed hard and had a nice bruised knee for not watching my step.  Fortunately the camera was not damaged, just my pride from not only falling but a bad word flew out of my mouth – yep in the church. 

NEST:  January 3, 2012 another day in the Keys


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January 2, 2012 Florida Keys Destination Key West Part 1   Leave a comment

Our first full day in Florida we decided to head to United States’ most southern location and the beginning/ending of Highway 1.  Instead of jumping on the highway, we decided to take a leisurely drive off the expressway from our hotel to Highway 1 junction.  Many stop lights later we were on Highway 1 headed south.  Driving Highway 1 through the Keys; first there are signs talking about deer being endangered :0  Since we live in an area with an over abundance of deer, this was a bit surprising.  It seems Key Deer (which are much smaller than our Mid-west deer) are endanger due to reduced fresh water supply.  Through conservation this petite deer population has increased from 25-80 in the 1950’s to today’s approximate population of 300. 

I’ve discovered that I did not take many pictures on the way down to Key West.  About the time I would see something we were already past the area or it was in an area that pulling off would not have been possible.  We stopped at a state park along the way  where I captured a few birds (Sap Sucker and Sanderling).  I kept trying to capture the Great White and Great Blue Heron, once we drove a side road for a bit and I was able to capture a Great Blue Heron.

Female Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker


Female Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker 2

 John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park


Sanderling Against the Wind

Bill on the water – Sea Captain in a previous life?

Great Blue Heron

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January 1, 2012 A Visit to Miami Florida   Leave a comment

Bill had meetings in Miami and I tagged along for an early (week-long) birthday celebration.  Traveling on New Year’s day provides a strange feeling.  It takes a holiday and quickly turns it into a vacation day.  You know, the type of day where you get to play and everyone else in the world is on a normal schedule.  We arrived in Miami around dinner time, checked into our hotel and asked about local foods.  “Well Red Lobster is open today,” we quickly explained that were looking for local restaurants not a chain restaurant.  Our travel guide explains “This is New Year’s Day and most business in the United States are closed because it’s a holiday here.”  Mental note: It’s a holiday not just day one of vacation.

We headed over to Red Lobster then took a drive to check out the location of Bill’s meeting venue (Eden Rock Hotel, Miami Beach).  We ended up driving through South Beach – traffic reminded me of the traffic on the Strip in Las Vegas.  Bumper to bumper with NO ONE going anywhere fast and plenty to look at.   When we first arrived on the island, I thought wow, many, many great looking men.  Hey many, many great looking men, Ohhhh many, many great looking men. 

After the most decadent pie at Manolo’s Restaurant we headed back to the hotel via Miami, stopping to take pictures along the way.  Below are the best of this night’s captures.

Mimi Don at Manolo’s Restaurant (7300 Collins Avenue  Miami Beach, FL 33141)

Miami Night Lights

 From Pelican Harbor Park (Home of “The Fin Project: From Swords into Plowshares” Sculpture by John T. Young)

Miami Sky Line

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December 17, 2011 A Smidge of Christmas   3 comments

Went out looking for Christmas Lights to capture and found many beautiful lights that I just couldn’t capture as I had dreamed.  I’ll try again next year to capture the ‘feel’ I get when seeing holiday decorations.  May Christmas stay in your heart all year, no matter the month. 

Thanksgiving in May and Christmas in May – I’m a bit late posting.  2011 provided many photo opportunities and 2012 has kept me busy with trips to Florida and Denver in addition to Cell phone camera picture a day project, a broken toe and a bit of tendonitis caused by an over aggressive walking program. This year is almost half over and I wish I had been out more capturing the moment.  I will make June 1 my refresh, reset the year and get back to my ‘monthly’ photography session.

May Christmas Shine Today

Shopping in Kirkwood


Tree Lot

Cor Jesu Academy  Nativity

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December 2, 2011 On search of Christmas Card Capture   Leave a comment

Bill and I headed out looking for a scene I could use on 2011 Christmas Card.  We had a good time enjoying the nice weather and Christmas lights in/around City Gardens and at Kiener Plaza.  I know it’s late May so I’ll only post 2 photos with that Christmas feel here.

2011 Christmas Card

Block Head?

Arch and Lights through the Garden

I like this one in Black and White too: 


In Mum’s eye

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November 27, 2011 Homeward Bound Leavenworth to St. Louis   Leave a comment

 A couple of finale shots before we had 5 hours of serious butt in seat time.

Last Signs of Fall

Oreos & Chocolate Milk – Kristen loved these black and white cows, she wanted to stop and take a picture – of course I couldn’t let the moment pass.   It looks to be prime milking time for Ms. Brown cow.

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November 26, 2011 Thanksgiving in Leavenworth Part 2   Leave a comment

Day two of Thanksgiving in Leavenworth; while Bill helped his Dad Kristen and I headed to Kansas City to visit National Archives and a photography exhibition “Picture This! One Hundred Years of Photography” .  Remember National Archives is part of the Smithsonian and most exhibits are free! 

I got a bit confused on the exact location of the National Archives.  We stopped by Kansas City’s Union Station.  We looked around a bit, enjoyed the train show and had a fun lunch at Pierpont’s. 

Once again, National Archives did not fail!  I left this exhibit inspired to practice, practice, practice and list of artist to reasearch to further enjoy their work. 

An alternate name for this day’s group might be “Saturday in Motion”.  Almost all that I consider the best from the day’s shooting include motion captured.  (Hey check me out, all photos posted are landscape – not one portrait LOL).

Christmas Village Train

Waiting To See Santa

Freight In Motion

Future Christmas Card?

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