November 3, 2011 Part 1 Supreme Court, Congressional Library, Capital Tour   Leave a comment

It is very simple to arrange a Capitol Tour through your representative, all you need to do is call and they will arrange everything.  Capital Tours are not based on donations nor time spent campaigning it is based on available time of staff.  In the past we toured the Capitol through Senator McCaskill’s office and this trip were given a personal tour from Congressman Carnahan’s staff.  Since we were able to view the Senate the first time, we opted to just view the House of Representatives this time.  Contact your representative’s office as soon as you know your plans, on this trip our first choice day was not available another day was arranged. 

A word of caution: Travel light on the day you visit the Capital.  Click here for safety guidelines   You will have all bags held while you visit the Senate and  House chambers.  When we visited the Senate, various Representative we’re reading statements into the record for and against Hillary Clinton prior to voting on her ultimate approval as Secretary of State.  During our House of Representative observation members were reading three-minute speeches into record, these speeches were on various subjects. 

Another Note of Caution:  If you see that Representative that you despise, do yourself a favor and don’t embarrass yourself.  Also don’t feed their ego by mentioning their name.  A despised Senator walked by and Bill said “There’s XXX”, that Senator made eye contact and just beamed, BLECHHHHH  What this Senator didn’t seem to realize was that statement was filtered and far from being a compliment.  If we did not have a filter the full comment would have been “There’s XXX one of the biggest arsses in Washington.”

Because we were early for our Capitol Tour appointment; we headed over to the Supreme Court and Congressional Library. We quickly discovered more time would be need to  properly see even a portion of what these two buildings held. We opted to quickly tour the Supreme Court.  Congressional Library would require additional time.

Supreme Court:

Cueing up for a visit.  There were two pretty large groups of mostly men in suites.  I discovered this was not because the Supreme Court was in session, it was a group of visitors.

 Authority of Law: One of two statues (not shown Contemplation of Justice) at the corners of the Supreme Court Building sculpted by Earle Fraser


Supreme Court Hearing Room:  Bill, Patty, and Ken. This room has 44–foot ceilings, 24 marble columns, ivory friezes from Spain and floor borders made of Italian and African marble. The raised Bench where the Justices sit and other furniture in the Courtroom are made from mahogany.


Strategizing or Compromising?

First Chief Justice:  I have a really hard time with statues.  This is actually a white marble statue that I worked over a bit in post processing. 

Supreme Court Fun First FactsFirst Supreme Court Assembly Feb 1, 1790.  First Supreme Court case  1792.  First Supreme Court Constitution determination 1803. First Black Justice Thurgood Marshall 1967.  First female Justice Sandra Day O’Connor 1981. First Hispanic Justice Sonia Sotomayor 2009.

NEXT:  Library of Congress and Capital Visit


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