November 2, 2011 Washington DC Part 1 Chili, Fiber Arts and Natural History Meet-Up   Leave a comment

Monuments and Smithsonian Museums are Free.  There might be charges to a special exhibits or other special events.  We saw Harry Bellefonte for $20.00 per person.  Check The Smithsonian for events, take a class or go to a lecture on an area of interest while visiting Washington DC. 

Ben’s Chili Bowl:  It was a later start on this day and we decided we would have an early lunch then go separate ways and meet up later.  I had heard about Ben’s Chili through Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations”   Tony described Ben’s Chili as the country’s best.  It IS the Best no repeat Chili and the Half -Smoked is to behold!  Amazing deserts too!  I can’t begin to do justice to the history of Ben’s Chili Bowl so please click and read:

DuPont Circle:  After ‘lunch’ Patty and Ken headed back to the Mall to the Museum of Natural History.  Bill and I headed to the Textile Museum.  We jumped on a train and headed over to Dupont Circle because our Museum was in the Embassy District of Washington DC.

Fun Fact:  DuPont Circle is named after Samuel Francis DuPont for his service as Rear Admiral during the Civil War. More Fun Facts:  DuPont Circle neighborhood housed Washington’s first Gay Bookstore which opened in 1974 and in 1975 ran the Nations first gay-oriented television commercial. 

Spanish Steps:  On the way to the museum we discovered the “Spanish Steps”.  It is believed that these steps once led to Kalorama Estate

Fun Fact:  According to Yelp posts – Spanish Steps is one of Washington’s best kept secrete and most romantic spot.

View from the top of Spanish steps:

Unrequited Love:  I noticed what I will assume is some sort of offering/spell for unrequited love.

Textile Museum:  During our visit to Washington, The Textile Museum was displaying Kuba Textiles and Woven Art of Central Africa after linking scroll down to see these beautiful pieces of art.  Unfortunately I could not take any photos nor touch the beautiful fiber art that was on display – amazing work.

Textile Patio:  Below is the Textile Museum’s patio.  The Textile Museum will be moving to George Washington’s Foggy Bottom Campus.  I want to incorporate this pattern in our sidewalk.  This is another project that continues to be discussed, I’m patient (living room cabinet with full length drawers, living room cabinet doors and sanding the floors). 

Sparrow and Coffee:  After our museum visit, we stopped for a cup of coffee and enjoyed the beautiful weather a few feathered friends. 

Black and White Sparrow:

Once we refueled with coffee we headed over to the Old Post Office and Clock Tower.  No more trips for the day so we headed over to meet Patty and Ken at the Museum of Natural History.  Mr. Elephant is a great place to meet – kind of like the Clock at New York’s Grand Central. 

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Elephant

Fun Facts:  Museum of Natural History houses over 124 Million Objects.  The elephant was a 13 feet and weighed 22,000 pounds.

After walking through several exhibits, we headed for the subway.  We would go for dinner and return by car to take pictures of the Monuments at night.  This is probably my favorite Capitol capture.  The light and whisy clouds provided a perfect light. 

NEXT: Monuments at Night


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