November 1, 2011 Washington DC Part 6 Lunch Counter, Capital and Oh Harry!   Leave a comment

The Smithsonian is a collection of 19 museums and galleries, 9 research centers, many research programs, and the National Zoo.  Access to most Smithsonian locations  is FREE!  Sign up for the Smithsonian free email newsletters to received information on exhibits and other events during a visit.

Through the Smithsonian newsletter I learned there would be many Civil Rights events over several months in correlation with the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  I  was SUPER Excited to discover that the Smithsonian would be sponsoring an evening with Harry Belafonte.  He would discuss his role in the 1960’s Civil Rights movement and his new book on the same subject.  The cost of $20.00 per person felt like a bargain considering Patty and I grew up listening to  Harry – long before Disney began using his music in their movies.  Thanks to Bill we have pictures from the book signing  portion of  that event.   

After spending most of the day on the Mall visiting many of the Monuments; we asked a Park Ranger’s suggestion for a restaurant.  On the way to the restaurant we made a quick stop at Smithsonian’s American History Museum, we could only stay a short time because we arrived not long before closing time and didn’t want to be late for our evening with Harry!

 F.W. Woolworth Lunch Counter

The Facts:  February 1, 1960 4 students staged a peaceful sit-in because they did not accept the ‘normal’ segregation treatment that was common in the south.  Students, civil-rights organizations churches and community members joined in a six-month-long protest and boycott.  July 25, 1960 segregated lunch counter ended. 


 Sunset on the Capital. 

 Patty (my sister) and Ken with Capital in the background. I tried to capture the sunset in the background I envisioned a bright Captial – not the shot I had in mind but wanted to share a picture of our travel buddies.


Oh Harry – yep Patty and I – yep me start struck!

 Patty and Harry

 EPA: I work in Environmental Engineering Dept. this office was near our metro station. I had to take a picture since this agency is indirectly responsible for me having a job.

 NEXT: November 2, 2011  Ben’s Chili, separate interests & monuments at night.


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