November 1, 2011 Washington DC Part 3 Penny Man   Leave a comment

When visiting Washington DC take advantage of their great public transportation.  No need to pay higher prices for hotels or pay to park a car.  We stayed in Alexandria VA a couple of blocks from a station and we had access to everything we wanted to see.  There are very helpful attendants at the stations if you have questions.   



Bill and The President (President Lincoln that is)

Fun Fact:  There are 87 steps from the Reflecting Pool  87 = 4 score + 7. 


 President Lincoln from the North Chamber

Fun Fact:  36 Columns representing the 36 states at the time of Lincoln’s death.


President Lincoln was a tall man but I will always remember him as a leader that was unafraid of controversy.

Fun Fact: The monument is 99 feet tall. The sitting President is 19 feet tall from head to foot.  If this President Lincoln were standing he would be 28 feet tall.

President Lincoln contemplative repose.

Fun Facts:  President Lincoln statue weighs a mere 175 short tons or 350,00 pounds (short ton = 2,000 pounds).

Scary Lincoln

Fun Fact:  Inscription over Lincoln’s Head: 

                      “IN THIS TEMPLE
                      AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE
                      FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION
                      THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN
                      IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.”

NEXT:  Korean War Memorial


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