November 1, 2011 Washington DC Part 2 Vietnam War Memorial   Leave a comment

When visiting Washington DC, make sure you have comfortable shoes.  Most everything is in walking distance so you will be walking and walking and walking!

Vietnam War Memorial:

Vietnam Women’s Memorial: Dedicated November 1993 (our first visit to Washington DC) … Historically, women who have served humanity during America’s struggles and wars are not included in the artistic portrayals.  They slip into history unrecognized and forgotten, compounding the myth that either they did not serve or their service was not noteworthy.  They, too, had disappeared off the landscape of the Vietnam era… 

Just the Facts: More than 265,000 women served in Vietnam, 87% served as nurses, 8 women lost their lives in Vietnam and are listed on The Wall with the fallen men, Less than 24% of our injured soldiers died in Vietnam resulting in 350,00 injuries and 75,000 with permanent disabilities. 



Three Service Men: “The portrayal of the figures is consistent with history. They wear the uniform and carry the equipment of war; they are young. The contrast between the innocence of their youth and the weapons of war underscores the poignancy of their sacrifice. There is about them the physical contact and sense of unity that bespeaks the bonds of love and sacrifice that is the nature of men at war. And yet they are each alone. Their strength and their vulnerability are both evident. Their true heroism lies in these bonds of loyalty in the face of their aloneness and their vulnerability.”


Looking for Names: the Memorial is dedicated to the 2.7 million men and women in the U.S. military who served in the designated war zone.

Just the Facts: 58,272  listed include the dead and  missing (MIA, POW and others). 

An Opinion:  It’s amazing to me that we would ever go into war with another country after seeing this graphic depiction of  loss of life. It is estimated that in all more than 5.4 million lost their lives in the Vietnam War.  We didn’t learn!


Learning our history:  I was standing next to this group when they came upon the wall.  I didn’t see but could hear one of the girls “This is stupid, why are we here, what’s this all about.  Oh!  All those people died?”   I felt so many emotions, anger, sad, then pride when she ‘got it’. 

Just the Fact: Vietnam War Memorial has about 3 million visitors each year.


Have we forgotten the price of war already?  Will these school aged children know life without war?


NEXT: President Lincoln





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