November 1, 2011 Washington DC Part 1 Washington Monument, White House, WWII Memorial, Captial Squirrel and Constitution Garden Lake   Leave a comment

So many monuments, not enough time!


Washington Monument:  On our visit the Washington Monument was closed down because of the ongoing inspection for Earth Quake damage. 

Fun Fact:  56 flags surround the Washington Monument 1 for each state (50), 1 for Washington DC (51) and 5 representing the US territories (56). 


White House:  “Live From the White House” an event to allow local reporters to interview President Obama and access to cabinet secretaries.

Fun Fact:  Uniformed Officers that patrol the White House Complex; the vice president’s residence; the Department of the Treasury (as part of the White House Complex); and foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C., are members of United States Secret Service Uniformed Division.  Another Fun Fact:  March 1, 2003 Secret Service was moved from the Treasury Department to be managed by Department of  Homeland Security. 


World War II Memorial:  Located not far from the Washington Monument and opened in 2004 with 56 (17 feet tall) granite pillars and two 43 foot arched pillars

Fun Fact:  Two “Kilroy was here” images are engraved inconspicuously in the memorial.

The Freedom Wall:  Contains 4,048 stars representing 100 fallen American soldiers per star. 

Not So Fun Fact:  World War II losses are second only to the Civil War which we lost over 620,000 lives.

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Capital Squirrel: 

Fun Fact:  In 1980 the National Parks Service commissioned a study to find the location with the most  Grey Squirrels;  Washington DC. Lafayette Park  (park across from the White House). 

Constitution Garden Lake:  A 50 acre park that was dedicated in 1976 as an American Revolution Bicentennial Tribute.

Fun Fact: On the island in this pond is a sculpture dedicated to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence (dedicated July 1982)

NEXT:  November 1, 2011 Part 2 The Wall, President Lincoln, Korean War Memorial and Martin Luther King, Jr.


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