October 31, 2011 Enjoying Virgina, Hapers Ferry to Gettysburg   Leave a comment

When I woke up I headed outside with camera and tripod.  I was not disappointed by the light or color reflections (just a little surprised when I discovered that I had locked myself out of our hosts house; quickly became grateful that Bill decided to get up early too so I wouldn’t have to ring the door bell waking anyone sleeping until a reasonable hour). We always have a great time when visiting Bob and Nancy and their corner of Virgina.  Learning something new about the history of their area which in turn renews our interest in the history our nation, our founding fathers, and this visit was all about the Civil War sites. 

After breakfast we drove the surrounding countryside with a stop here and there so I could take pictures.  Harper’s Ferry was our first official stopping place.  Oh my, we walked the same paths great men of yesterday walked; George Washington, John Brown, General Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Meriwether Lewis to name a few.  Next we stopped at Gettysburg.  I was mighty disturbed thinking about the number of lives lost on those battlefields/killing fields.  I remember Bill asking several times, if I wanted to take pictures of this or that and I always said no.  So many wrongs in an attempt to make things right and when it really came down to the laws that were passed at the time;  human rights were still not equal nor just. 

After viewing my photos of October 31, I realize that I had not taken a single picture while at Gettysburg. After another wonderful dinner we headed back to Alexandria.  The remainder of our trip would be spent visiting Washington DC and her monuments.

Virgina’s Sunrise


Sunrise reflections of color (Mt. Weather colors provided by nature not computer enhanced)

Harper’s Ferry

Confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church built in 1883 and renovated from psuedo-Gothic to the current Neo-Gothic style in 1896

Next: Washington DC Days and Nights


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