October 29, 2011 Air & Space Muesum followed by Dinner with the Board   Leave a comment

What a nasty day!  Dropping temps and rain mixed with snow.  A great day to spend at Smithsonian’s Steven F. Udvar – Hazy Center (Air & Space museum near Dulles Airport) with NICET Board members.  According to our guide, all the aircraft on display flew at one time or another.  Many found the museum super interesting (Ok so I grew around air planes and such because our father worked for McDonnell Douglas.  I had to laugh when my sister and I were talking about meeting up in Washington DC we both said our husband’s could go to Air & Space and we’d go to a girly thing like Inauguration Ball exhibit.  She repeated my words – saw enough of that stuff as a kid.)  When this opportunity presented it’s self before Patty and Ken’s arrival Bill and I took advantage of the invitation.  I did enjoy looking at airplanes of the past, especially the wooden beauties.  Enola Gay was repulsive yet attractive (I wised I had a Geiger Counter to see if there was any residue still pinging on those wings). 

Our “George Washington Might have ate here” moment came when we had dinner at Gadsby’s Tavern & Museum ( http://www.gadsbystavernmuseum.us/ ) Great food, great company and a bit of entertainment from Benjamin Franklin sharing a bit about the history of the period.  It was our last night in Washington DC hosted by the NICET staff.  Another fantastic Board of Directors meeting completed and now Bill and I could both be on vacation!




Enola Gay:

Yesterday in the present

Humm, what kind of fire protection are they using…

Fun at dinner with Benjamin Franklyn:

Fun based on a little historical fact.  Fun night!


NEXT:  Visiting Bob and Nancy and enjoying fall colors and snow.


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