October 27 – November 4, 2011 Washington DC   Leave a comment

Bill had meetings in Old Virgina so I tagged along to sight see while he was in meetings October 27 through 29.  Beginning Sunday, October 30 we were officially on vacation.  Here are the results of our October trip beginning.

October 27, 2011 Kathy G. and I met up for a rainy day in Old Town Alexandria.  We agreed upon a visit to The George Washington Masonic Memorial (http://gwmemorial.org/)  – which happened to be up the hill from our hotel.  Because it was raining it was too far to walk in the drizzly weather.  The hotel provided local shuttle so we took advantage of their service.   The buildings and grounds are beautiful!  This memorial was paid for as it was built – no debit service for The Masons.  You know all those famous George Washington’s portraits you’ve seen – yep  the Mason’s own them which you can touch if you desired.  No Secrete Service here to make sure your shoe dust doesn’t get on the carpet, it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere than the buildings and memorials on the Mall in Washington DC.  Amazing access to our National Archives or should I say Mason Archives. 

No George Washington slept here plaques but they do have George Washington’s desk that you are encouraged to touch.  If you get the opportunity to visit this memorial, you will not be able to return to a floor previously viewed so don’t allow the tour guide push you along to the next floor.  I missed seeing a few things of interest and I missed a few photo opportunities because I misunderstood and didn’t want to hold up everyone else on the tour.  We would have to tag along with another tour group to see the things we missed.  Kathy and I chose lunch instead of another tour since our morning was gone and lunch time would be over soon. 

After our Mason Memorial tour it was raining steady and we did not have umbrellas, we called the hotel for shuttle service. Next stop lunch on King Street (almost to the Potomac River).  After lunch we enjoyed window shopping on King Street and a stop in CVS for umbrellas.  On the way back to the hotel we discovered a Crate & Barrel outlet store.  I wanted to return to pick up a few bargains, never found the time LOL.  I guess those great bargains needed a different home! 

Evening was NICET’s 50 Anniversary Reception and Dinner.  Great Food and it was wonderful seeing everyone again!

NICET is housed with their Parent company NSPE in Old Town Virginia

Kathy G and George at The George Washington Masonic Memorial – main floor

George Washington’s Presidential Desk – The George Washington Masonic Memorial

Shriners’ Display – The George Washington Masonic Memorial

Over the Top View from The George Washington Masonic Memorial

View of Old Town Virgina and Potomac River from The George Washington Masonic Memorial

Virginia’s Fall Colors from The George Washington Masonic Memorial

Community Pharmacists Association Statuary


Next:  October 28 and a trip to Mt. Vernon


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