October 9, 2011 Hunting for Arch Shadows and one of Molly   Leave a comment

I liked the previous week’s Arch Shadow so I headed downtown early to find a better shadow picture.  Unfortunately the angles had changed just enough that the shadow was much lighter than the previous week’s performance.  I decided to head towards the riverfront to see what if anything of interest was playing in the morning light.  As I was heading home I saw that the stadium needed it’s picture too.  As I was going through the morning pictures, Molly our cat decided to hop in the open window and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Even though she kept hopping out of the window every time I grabbed my camera,  I was able to grab a couple good shots of her.  Here’s one of the best.

 Waking up St. Louis style

 Lewis, Clark and Seaman the dog near Eads Bridge St. Louis

Sunrise Glow

 Old vs New/Laclede Power Building and New Mississippi River Bridge (for Free tour of the Bridge in progress go to:  http://www.newriverbridge.org/Tourinformation.htm

In the shadow with Baseball Giants!

Accidental Self-Portrait

 Molly the Cat, The wonderful, wonderful Cat!


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