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October 15, 2011 Lone Elk Park   Leave a comment

Another gorgeous day in St. Louis.  I knew there would be plenty of rainy or just cold days coming so, again, we took advantage of the beautiful day and headed to Lone Elk Park.  On the way, we stopped at the ‘sweet spot’ to see if the trees along the way had lost their leaves.  I have an idea in my mind’s eye, we’ll see if they match yet.  The light was a bit weird, I had either very dark shadows or very bright almost a glare of yellow light.  The light wasn’t perfect, the park was super crowded but hey who wouldn’t smile when the weather was that perfect!

 October Arch from Big Bend

 Lone Elk Park Lake

Male Lone Elk

Doe a Deer a Female Deer

Female Lone Elk

NEXT:  Washington DC


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October 11, 2011 Purina Farms & Lone Elk Park   Leave a comment

Engineering had their annual ‘picnic’, this year it was at Purina Farms.  It was a fantastically fun day of team building through games, good food and camaraderie.  I ended my day by stopping at Lone Elk Park.  I’m glad I had my little Cannon camera with me this day.  I promised myself to return later and take pictures with my 35mm.  I think these pictures turned out GREAT!

Purina Farms:

I love the movement captured in this one

The High Jump

Lone Elk Park:

Fall Colors

Female Elk and Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron 

Male Elk resting by the lake

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October 9, 2011 Hunting for Arch Shadows and one of Molly   Leave a comment

I liked the previous week’s Arch Shadow so I headed downtown early to find a better shadow picture.  Unfortunately the angles had changed just enough that the shadow was much lighter than the previous week’s performance.  I decided to head towards the riverfront to see what if anything of interest was playing in the morning light.  As I was heading home I saw that the stadium needed it’s picture too.  As I was going through the morning pictures, Molly our cat decided to hop in the open window and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Even though she kept hopping out of the window every time I grabbed my camera,  I was able to grab a couple good shots of her.  Here’s one of the best.

 Waking up St. Louis style

 Lewis, Clark and Seaman the dog near Eads Bridge St. Louis

Sunrise Glow

 Old vs New/Laclede Power Building and New Mississippi River Bridge (for Free tour of the Bridge in progress go to:

In the shadow with Baseball Giants!

Accidental Self-Portrait

 Molly the Cat, The wonderful, wonderful Cat!

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October 7, 2011 Over The Edge and Willmore Park   Leave a comment

A co-worker participated in  “Over The Edge” to raise money for Special Olympics.  For a small donation we received a tee-shirt and opportunity to cheer him on.  It was a fun excuse to enjoy a beautiful day!  After work I thought I’d take advantage of the beautiful day and stopped at a nearby park to see what I could see.

Joe Ruder Over the Edge for Special Olympics of Missouri.

Joe Ruder rappels 19 stories.

Introduction to his many supporters by local radio personality.

Joe raised more than $6,000 for Special Olympics.

A beautiful day to stop at a local park:  Squirrel climbing up tree at Willmore Park.

Tree fungi

Duck Duck Mark – beautiful makings on this guy.

Shades and Shadows of Fall.

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October 6, 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness at the Arch   Leave a comment

On October 6, The National Park Service adds pink gels to the Arch lights in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Gateway Arch bathed in Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Leg with City Background

Pink Gels used to light the Arch

The many colors of the Arch legs.  Starting at the bottom; White is from the park lights, .Orange tones comes from Street illumination, Pink is the Actual Arch lights.

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October 3, 2011 We’re moving   Leave a comment

You know how work is – any major change and the rumors start flying.  The move is no longer a rumor.  I’ll miss the unique characteristics of this old building.  There are many unique irritants that won’t be missed by many!  The other day I was thinking about this photo and finally figured out a better vantage point for capturing this old building.  Results soon I hope. 

C.F. Blanke Coffee & Tea

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October 2, 2011 Sunset near The New River Bridge   Leave a comment

Before the bridge got too far along and before we ran out of ‘good weather’ I wanted to try my hand at shooting this sunset. A few  issues; hanging out in Venice, IL never a good idea, that little “No Trespassing” sign, someone within hearing distance ‘target practicing’, no clouds near the Arch (clouds rolling in from the north)  to add interest to the setting sun on the Arch, and because we had to cross over several active train tracks to get back to our car – we left our vantage before the second half of the sunset that provides the best colors.  Even with all those elements working against me, I think I got some really good shots!

 Sunshine at Sunset:

Dust: This is not ground fog, a truck drove throughand stirred up a dust cloud. 

Sunset and Train Cars:  Another Beauty and Beast Shot – taken as we were leaving – looking North.  The sky changed from oranges to reds quickly.


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