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We decided to participate in Lafayette Fire Company’s Burn Camp Breakfast fund-raiser for Missouri Burn Victims.  While we were out and about we decided to see if we could find the Missouri side of the New Mississippi Bridge. While at breakfast we ran into Representative Carnahan out for breakfast after the St. Louis Forest Park Art Hill Tenth Anniversary  of 9/11 Remembrance.  Russ urged use to go to Art Hill to view the 3,000 flags. 

After breakfast we headed downtown to the water front to figure out where the new bridge would cross on the Missouri side.  We discovered a glass recycling center.  The gravel drive leading into the plant was very interesting with gravel and glass.  We also discovered an old dock or pier that is no longer being used but was a great place to stand and watch the river traffic and a great view of the McKinley Bridge and Merchants Train Bridge.  We found the Missouri side of the New Mississippi Bridge.  We also found the Continental Cement Company plant.  It is a domed space age looking facility.  We were so close to Mount Grace, and I’ve always wanted to see their chapel.  We stopped (a MUST see – it’s amazing!) and I took a picture from one of their gardens.  If you need to slow down, get centered stop in for a big dose of clam.

On the way home we tried stopping by Forest Park.  Traffic was crazy!  I hopped out of the car and tried pretty unsuccessful to take a picture of the flags in front of the Art Museum.  I think the western view of the field was more interesting because I was able to capture it without someone walking in front of my attempted capture.  Ahhh you know stuff happens and I wasn’t the only person wanting to see the memorial.  I knew I could return at a less busy time like sunrise, if I wanted a people free photo. 

The weekend of September 10 and 11, 2011 turned into an intense photography weekend.  It was great spending time together discovering new things and revisiting familiar things all in our own back yard. 

Lafayette Fire Company Restaurant

Glass & Gravel Road

Looking North towards McKinley and Merchants Train Bridges

Continental Cement Company

Mount Grace Cloistered Convent

Western View of 9/11 Memorial

Next September’s Fog and Rain


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