September 10, 2011 Part 3 Quilt Barns   Leave a comment

We discovered the  Hardin Lift Bridge.  Unfortunately we did not see it in operation.  I’d love to go back when a boat/barge/ship was scheduled to go through.  I’m not sure the purpose of the ‘log houses’ on top of the bridge are for.  I’m sure there is urban legend about a husband and wife fighting and she had his dog house built atop of the bridge LOL! 

We continued toward Quincy and saw more Egrets.  We saw a couple of Barn Quilts, we stopped so I could take pictures.   We stopped for lunch at Pan’s Café.  Pam’s is kind of in the middle of No-Where.  I had Sloppy Joe and Bill had Grilled Ham and Cheese, both were wonderful.  We were good and skipped pie but according to other dinners it’s ‘the best’.  One gentleman ordered a second slice.

 Hardin Lift Bridge

Hardin Lift Bridge


Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt Details


Barn Quilt

Pam’s Diner


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