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September 10, 2011 Part 3 Quilt Barns   Leave a comment

We discovered the  Hardin Lift Bridge.  Unfortunately we did not see it in operation.  I’d love to go back when a boat/barge/ship was scheduled to go through.  I’m not sure the purpose of the ‘log houses’ on top of the bridge are for.  I’m sure there is urban legend about a husband and wife fighting and she had his dog house built atop of the bridge LOL! 

We continued toward Quincy and saw more Egrets.  We saw a couple of Barn Quilts, we stopped so I could take pictures.   We stopped for lunch at Pan’s Café.  Pam’s is kind of in the middle of No-Where.  I had Sloppy Joe and Bill had Grilled Ham and Cheese, both were wonderful.  We were good and skipped pie but according to other dinners it’s ‘the best’.  One gentleman ordered a second slice.

 Hardin Lift Bridge

Hardin Lift Bridge


Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt Details


Barn Quilt

Pam’s Diner


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September 10, 2011 Part 2   Leave a comment

After leaving the construction site, we drove towards Hardin, IL.  Our next stop was Grafton, IL. We stopped by the Grafton Craft Fair – really nice stuff.  I saw several things I liked but managed to walk away without a purchase.  Had a very interesting conversation with one of the professors’ working with Principia’s Solar Powered Car Team.  Very interesting that this small private college is a huge name in the solar car racing world.

After leaving Grafton we continued to head north.  We passed a few low water areas where Great Egret’s had gathered.  Their take-off and landings aren’t what I would call graceful but they are beautiful birds!

Next Stop Hardin Lift Bridge and beyond.

From Grafton looking towards Missouri

Capitan Bill:

Late Bloomers – Surprise Lily (Lycoris squamigera (resurrection lily)):

Great Egret (Ardea alba):

Egret perch:

Fields, hills and clouds:

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September 10, 2011   Leave a comment

Bill and I decided that a local road trip would be on the agenda.  A trip to Hannibal Missouri, we’d take The Great River Road in Illinois north and cross back into Missouri near Hannibal and follow the river on the Missouri side south to St. Louis. 

Gas, water, DSLR, extra batteries, 35mm SLR loaded with black and white film.  The maiden voyage to begin the Missouri Black and White Old School Film Camera Project was being launched.

We crossed over to Illinois and jumped on Route 3 to head over to the Great River Road.  In Brooklyn IL on Route 3 we discovered the construction site for the New Mississippi River Bridge (to connect Missouri @ St. Louis and Illinois @ Brooklyn). 

First Stop: New Mississippi River Bridge, Brooklyn IL (all photos taken with DSLR and through post production changed to Black and White):

 I’m Ready For My Close Up:

New Mississippi Bridge Construction:

Beauties and Beast:

In It For the Long Haul:

Sunshine and Rust:

A New (to me) Arch Vantage Point:

Next Post:  Pere Marquette/Grafton IL

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Miscellaneous Pictures from August 2011   Leave a comment

Since buying a small decent camera to carry in my purse, I have a few shots that don’t really have a home so you’ll start seeing a post at the end of the month with miscellaneous pictures.  I’ve also began taking black and white pictures with an old school 35mm.  February, 2012 I will begin “Old School Missouri”.  I’ll be taking Black and White photos of Missouri with old school 35mm.  In the mean time, below are miscellaneous pictures from August.  A few are unpublished and others you may have seen already seen if  follow me on Flickr

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