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August 28, 2011   Leave a comment

We spent the day at Car Show fund-raiser with Paul and Evelyn in Sullivan and an overdue Deck Therapy session.  It was a beautifully day to look at a few cars, enjoyable weather and most important spent quality time with friends.  On the way home we stopped at Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, stopped for dinner and noticed the beautiful sunset behind St. Anthony’s Hospital sign. 



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August 19, 2011   Leave a comment

Obviously I continue to be running about a month behind posting photos.  The good news – our weather has been wonderful – not too hot and not too cool and not too much rain.  The bad news – our weather has wonderful – not too hot and not too cool and not too much rain.  I’d rather be outside exploring which leaves me little time for editing.  I’ve also been working on several basket weaving projects.  Once again proving that seep can be over rated LOL! 

On this Friday evening Bill and I went in search for a shot that was in my mind’s eye of train tracks and Arch.   We never did find the picture that was in my mind’s eye but enjoyed the evening re-discovering areas of St. Louis we hadn’t seen in a few years.   Here are my favs August 19, including an eastern looking view of the Arch shot from the park in front of the Old Courthouse.

Macklind Avenue near Manchester Avenue looking west.

Chouteau Avenue near Jefferson Avenue

Blanke Building 14th and Papin Streets

Arch from Memorial Between Market and Chestnut (City Park in front of Old Court House)

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