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Somehow this weekend turned into Sunset Weekend.  It started Friday evening, August 12, “Let’s go!  I think we’re going to have a nice sunset.”  Out the door we raced.  Drove towards 270 on Gravois but by the time we made it to a clearing the sun was too low.  Stopped to take a picture of the flag hoping to capture of bit of the sunset, we were pretty far away cropping the picture provided a bit of a grainy feel.  The streaks are thanks to cars traveling in the area and long exposure. Pretty good shot considering I didn’t have my tripod.

Saturday, August 13, I thought I’d try sunset from Bee Tree Park.  We ended up leaving a bit later than planned but I had enough time to set up just as the last rounds of color were appearing before dark and before it started raining.  With that bit of rain a cool front moved in and we could finally open windows.

Sunday, August 14, I decided it was fall.  Opened windows, cleaned house made a pot of chili.  LOL I turned the air conditioner back on once the inside temperature was over 80.  We might have slept with the windows open the night before but August is still summer in St. Louis!  We decided that after dinner we’d try sunset at Creve Coeur Park.  On the way to the park we stopped near Meramec Community College to test Robert’s Arch shot suggestion that he used while in school.  Can’t wait to try again in the fall!  It was a beautiful evening (yep nice for the bugs that came out too!) with an amazing sunset.





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