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Basket Weaving Convention!

The weekend began with meeting friends and driving to Kansas City. I quickly remembered that I had chosen my classes based on material used.  I LOVED all the materials and bought kits and materials so I can make additional baskets.  In the last month, I’ve also purchased a book on traditional methods of gathering and using Southwest Cedar, Birch Bark Baskets and Earth Basketry first published in 1933. It was an intense weekend but I had a wonderful time.  I’m looking forward to future classes from the various instructors. 

My first class was Thursday evening (4 hour class): Linda Fabian’sLittle Nan a 2” Walnut Nantucket Style Basket

Friday (8 hour class): Charles Crenshaw’s Beginner Rectangle Leather

Friday Evening (4 hour class): Annetta Kraayeveld’s Miniature Market Basket made of Walnut and Black Ash veneer. 

Saturday Afternoon (4 hour class): Dona Nazarenko’s Paper Birch a small Paper Birch basket

Sunday Morning (4 hour class): Polly Adams Sutton’s Diamonds in Cedar a miniature Cedar, Black Ash and copper wire basket.

Below are the results:

R to L Front to Back:  Mini Market, (Walnut and Ash),  Cedar in Diamonds (Cedar, Ash and Copper Wire), Little Nan (Cane and Walnut base, rim and lid), Paper Birch Bark (Birch Bark) Large Basket in back is Leather Basket.

A few of the “For The Love Of Reed” buddies: Judy, Susan, Ellen, Cheryl and me


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