July 23, 2011 Part 1   Leave a comment

Looking for something fun to do in St. Louis when the weather stinks.  Head over to the City Museum http://citymuseum.org/site/?cat=3  http://www.builtstlouis.net/washington/14a1.html  Saturday promised to be another scorching hot day in St. Louis so we took Logan and Cookie to the City Museum.  Probably should have communicated a bit better about the “Museum” concept so Logan didn’t wear new white shorts to climb, slide, bounce etc.  Play clothes should have been the dress code for the day. 

It was fun watching the “Kids” run, climb, slide, etc.  I quickly saw the humor as fully grown boy/men with full-grown beards shimmied up a “tree” to go climb through the mazes to various slides and other activities. Reminds me of Halloween when the big kids, well over 6 foot, say ‘Trick or Treat’. Logan quickly made friends with boys his age and was off and running with supervision not far.  Logan and the new friends discovered the route to the 10 story slide and the air conditioner vent in the ‘caves’. 

Part 2 in next entry.

City Museum Entrance and some of the fun outside climby things.

Logan in the tree beginning his adventure of climbing, diving, running and sliding.

 Crawling through the tunnel across the entrance ceiling.

It’s coming, It’s coming….


ARGHHHHH Fun with mirrors!

This is Logan, he climbed from parking lot level (first picture) all the way up here.  Below is a close up of him wayyyy up high!  Shhh don’t tell him he’s about 5 or 6 stories up!

Logan observing his kingdom of fun!

Part 2 in next entry


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