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Somehow this weekend turned into Sunset Weekend.  It started Friday evening, August 12, “Let’s go!  I think we’re going to have a nice sunset.”  Out the door we raced.  Drove towards 270 on Gravois but by the time we made it to a clearing the sun was too low.  Stopped to take a picture of the flag hoping to capture of bit of the sunset, we were pretty far away cropping the picture provided a bit of a grainy feel.  The streaks are thanks to cars traveling in the area and long exposure. Pretty good shot considering I didn’t have my tripod.

Saturday, August 13, I thought I’d try sunset from Bee Tree Park.  We ended up leaving a bit later than planned but I had enough time to set up just as the last rounds of color were appearing before dark and before it started raining.  With that bit of rain a cool front moved in and we could finally open windows.

Sunday, August 14, I decided it was fall.  Opened windows, cleaned house made a pot of chili.  LOL I turned the air conditioner back on once the inside temperature was over 80.  We might have slept with the windows open the night before but August is still summer in St. Louis!  We decided that after dinner we’d try sunset at Creve Coeur Park.  On the way to the park we stopped near Meramec Community College to test Robert’s Arch shot suggestion that he used while in school.  Can’t wait to try again in the fall!  It was a beautiful evening (yep nice for the bugs that came out too!) with an amazing sunset.





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Basket Weaving Convention!

The weekend began with meeting friends and driving to Kansas City. I quickly remembered that I had chosen my classes based on material used.  I LOVED all the materials and bought kits and materials so I can make additional baskets.  In the last month, I’ve also purchased a book on traditional methods of gathering and using Southwest Cedar, Birch Bark Baskets and Earth Basketry first published in 1933. It was an intense weekend but I had a wonderful time.  I’m looking forward to future classes from the various instructors. 

My first class was Thursday evening (4 hour class): Linda Fabian’sLittle Nan a 2” Walnut Nantucket Style Basket

Friday (8 hour class): Charles Crenshaw’s Beginner Rectangle Leather

Friday Evening (4 hour class): Annetta Kraayeveld’s Miniature Market Basket made of Walnut and Black Ash veneer. 

Saturday Afternoon (4 hour class): Dona Nazarenko’s Paper Birch a small Paper Birch basket

Sunday Morning (4 hour class): Polly Adams Sutton’s Diamonds in Cedar a miniature Cedar, Black Ash and copper wire basket.

Below are the results:

R to L Front to Back:  Mini Market, (Walnut and Ash),  Cedar in Diamonds (Cedar, Ash and Copper Wire), Little Nan (Cane and Walnut base, rim and lid), Paper Birch Bark (Birch Bark) Large Basket in back is Leather Basket.

A few of the “For The Love Of Reed” buddies: Judy, Susan, Ellen, Cheryl and me

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July 29, 2011

It was hundred degrees again and we received a call from one of the neighbors, water main break next door.  We rushed home to discover that Alen had taken care of us by simply placing a board between two trash cans.  That simple act diverted the water away from our driveway and sidewalk so we had less water in our basement.  Thanks Alen!

Next door – hole created by the broken pipe


Alen’s water diverter

 Waiting for the water company to return, fix the pipe and turn back on our water – yep time to let someone else make dinner LOL!

 Snapped this one on the way in after checking out the hole above.  Too Darn Hot!


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July 24, 2011

We drove Cookie and Logan to Lambert’s Café in Ozark MO so they could meet their new Great-Grandson and cousin.  There was a 2 hour wait, but well worth it.  Once the “Cookie exchange” was complete and all our tummies were full Bill and I headed back to St. Louis.  We ran into a little rain but mostly we got to see a beautiful rainbow that lasted a very long time. 

The first time we stopped so I could take pictures is the Church Steeple, Porn Shop Advertisement and Rainbow.  How Funny!  I was standing in the middle of what is referred to, “Bible Belt”, ultra conservative, ultra religious.  These three opposing symbols had me laughing as soon as I looked in my camera’s eye piece. 

After this stop, we had to make a second stop because the rainbow was so bright and beautiful.

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July 23 continued

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to City Museum:


Cogs and Marbles

Butterfly Floor

Sea Lion Floor

Circus Style Dog Show

Every good museum has an alien in a truck  box casket, right?

The man and his Gargoyle

I fell in love with this door – the white decorations are mother of pearl.

Mr. Lemp/Falstaff 

On the way to dinner we discovered the remaining stricter for National Memorial Family Church of God In Christ which was destroyed by fire that was started by lightning. 

Dinner was at Fitz’s Root Beer  which is located next to a new statue dedicated to St. Louis’s Chuck Berry that was to be dedicated July 29. 

After dinner we headed back to City Museum for Roof Top fun.  Another huge slide for Logan, Cookie and I had a ride on the Roof Top Ferris Wheel.  I thought it would be fun to take pictures from the top of Ferris Wheel – I was too scared to move.  I came to the conclusion that it’s been too many years between Ferris Wheel rides and I need to ride more often or just pass on that opportunity.  Can we spell C-H-I-C-K-E-N!!!

No, we’re not waiting for Batman, we’re in line for a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

Cookie and Bill – Logan is in the background preparing to go down the roof top slide.

A little post-processing fun with the Giant Praying Mantis that lives on the City Museum’s roof.

Finale shot of the day – didn’t think this one would turn out but it did. Fountain fun!

It was a long but fun day.

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Looking for something fun to do in St. Louis when the weather stinks.  Head over to the City Museum  Saturday promised to be another scorching hot day in St. Louis so we took Logan and Cookie to the City Museum.  Probably should have communicated a bit better about the “Museum” concept so Logan didn’t wear new white shorts to climb, slide, bounce etc.  Play clothes should have been the dress code for the day. 

It was fun watching the “Kids” run, climb, slide, etc.  I quickly saw the humor as fully grown boy/men with full-grown beards shimmied up a “tree” to go climb through the mazes to various slides and other activities. Reminds me of Halloween when the big kids, well over 6 foot, say ‘Trick or Treat’. Logan quickly made friends with boys his age and was off and running with supervision not far.  Logan and the new friends discovered the route to the 10 story slide and the air conditioner vent in the ‘caves’. 

Part 2 in next entry.

City Museum Entrance and some of the fun outside climby things.

Logan in the tree beginning his adventure of climbing, diving, running and sliding.

 Crawling through the tunnel across the entrance ceiling.

It’s coming, It’s coming….


ARGHHHHH Fun with mirrors!

This is Logan, he climbed from parking lot level (first picture) all the way up here.  Below is a close up of him wayyyy up high!  Shhh don’t tell him he’s about 5 or 6 stories up!

Logan observing his kingdom of fun!

Part 2 in next entry

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My long time/long distance best friend visited St. Louis on her way to see her new Great-Grandson.  It was a very hot weekend.  After dinner we headed to the Arch for a little photography fun for Cookie and I.  Thanks Bill and Logan (Cookie’s 11 year old Grandson) for your patience.  I experimented with a few ideas (learning that it is very important to take a ‘focusing shot’ before using the remote control).  I also learned that since I’ve stopped smoking I can walk up the steps from street level to top much easier.   This first photo is an experiment – I like it but not confident because it’s not my normal landscape shot.  Of course a trip to St. Louis must include a stop at Ted Drews.  Another given was that cookie and I stayed up way too late catching up and sharing.  It was a great day!  Here are the ‘best’ from Friday, July 22.

Bill Logan and Cookie

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