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July 4 I didn’t wake as early as the day before but earlier than everyone else.  Again I headed out to take sunrise pictures.  I learned a valuable lesson – check to make sure you’re not n the picture.  I checked while standing behind the tripod but didn’t check any photos after.  There were several with my foot.  I tried taking pictures of Joey outside with him looking into the sun.  Photos weren’t great but I learned a few things.  Below are the best and the worst from July 4.



Morning Sky

Lessons learned LOL!


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July 3 found me awake before the rest of the household.  I decided to photograph the sunrise over Tennessee.  By the time I made it outside the sun was above the horizon and was provided a splash of color on the moisture filled morning.  Breakfast with Joey is ALWAYS a good time! After breakfast, Mary took Shirley and I back to their property.  WOW what a view!  We couldn’t see much the night before because it was after sunset but the morning light and their beautiful view reminded me again why I love Tennessee. 

Afternoon found us swimming in Tom and Shirley’s pool.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day!

Good Morning Tennessee!

 Good Morning Joey!

Thorn Tree Near Spring

Working The Land

Tennessee Wil Flower

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We headed for Tennessee to visit Tom, Shirley and Cody, and Joe, Brandy, Brandy and Joe’s baby bump, and Joey for the 4th of July weekend.  AHHH Tennessee!  Love the green!  Shirley and Tom BBQ’d burgers and hot dogs, Yumm!  Mary one of the neighbor’s came over and mentioned that they had two baby cows.  Mary took Shirley and me to see the babies, next it was time for fireworks that Cody and Joe picked out earlier. The fireworks show was great – my pictures not so great – I need more fireworks practice!

Baby Joey

Baby Cows

Baby Fireworks

Sorry guys none of the pictures came out from this monster.  Seriously, I’m really  sorry because it was spectacular!

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Busy 4thof July weekend it started  Friday evening with Alen and Semira’s wedding reception.   It was touching to see our neighbor all grown up.  We had an evening immersed in this special Bosnian/American wedding celebration.  On our way out we saw this fireworks display, I didn’t have a tripod, it’s not a great photo but reminds me of our fun evening.

Next:  A trip to Tennessee to visit Tom, Shirley, Brandy, Joe and Joey

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I’m trying to captture the Arch once a month this will be the fifth in this series.  A walk up the street to share the view I have every morning of the Arch. I love my commute and view.  Some days the arch is covered in low hanging clouds and the top is obscured, other days the wind is whipping snow around its legs; but most days it reflects the sun!  A few added pictures of things that caught my eye!

The St. Louis Arch Jne 2011

Squirrel Hanging Out At Church


Sylvia:   Sylvia’s mother said Sylvia’s busy too busy to answer the phone…and the operator said 50 cents please  for the next two minutes please.


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