May 29, 2011 Memorial Day Weekend   Leave a comment

I’m only about a month (or one holiday) behind posting Memorial Day Weekend pictures. 

We met Ken and Sue in Columbus IN.  Ken and Sue were in Indiana from New Jersey visiting family.  Columbus was the half-way point between highways 64 (our possible route back to St. Louis and 70 Ken/Sue route back to New Jersey).  We were very close to Nashville Indiana and the “Little Smokies”  located in Brown County

Nashville Indiana is a great artist community with many galleries and a place that you can buy handmade items.  Yes there are stores that do sell those cheap knock offs but for the most part you can buy anything from handmade furniture to stained glass items to hand-woven hats

 By talking to the shop owners we discovered we were close to working covered bridge and not far from the covered bridge was a lodge with a good food and a great view of Brown County’s “Little Smokies”.  .  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take pictures in Nashville, IN and really only took a few while driving through the park.   On the way back to St. Louis on Monday we stopped at the Edenburgh Premium Outlet Mall  with their 85 outlet stores.  Yes I did!  I left there with a much lighter wallet and many new things in the trunk.  And for those that are asking – I managed to come home WITHOUT a new coat – LOL!

Tog Bog E: Translation (Gaelic) Take It Easy.

Bean Blossom Bridge 1880

Wild Flower



Little Smokies

Gnaw Bone Indiana,_Indiana



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