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Seattle is a must see city if you haven’t been to this area.  Seattle is a foodie town.  I was watching the news one morning and the newscaster was discussing a multi-stepped omelet sent in by a viewer that the newscaster had tried and would be sharing the recipe and tips later in the show.  Read a few restaurant reviews and you’ll see what I mean –  perfect food, perfect service. are expected When we return I would like to go back to Pike’s Market for things to eat while we spend the remainder of our time continuing to explore the Olympic Peninsula. I know there is more to Washington State that the Olympic  Peninsula and would like to visit other areas someday.  I’m pretty sure I’ll fall in love with those areas too.


I would like to spend more time exploring…OK I started listing the things we missed that are on the Olympic National Park Map – the list is going to be way too long.  I’ll just say that I want to visit everything we saw again and want to visit everything we missed on the hard roads and a few things on unpaved roads!  I would also like to visit Dosewallips near Mt Constance and Constance Pass (just to say I’ve been there). 

Twilight!  We bought the book on CD to listen as we drove to Kansas for Easter.  Yup we’re hooked.  Instead of spending $50 for the next set of CD’s right away, I’ll buy the next book and begin reading it.  The Cd’s are nice when Bill and I take a road trip.  We get to listen together. (Update, I bought the second book and read it today.  What will happen to Bella and Edward? I’ll buy the next book hopefully next weekend.)


Can’t wait to go back and spend time exploring more of the Olympic Peninsula. I hope you have enjoyed these black and white pictures. 

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  1. Connie~

    I loved reading about your trip!! See any “Vamps” while out? Of course they “sparkle” if it was sunny. 🙂

    Is there a welcome center or historical place around? Maybe they could tell you more about the Inuksnuk.

    Found this site if you haven’t seen it. But you probablly have. Also this came from it: “A familiar inukshuk is a welcome sight to a traveler on a featureless and forbidding landscape”.

    Thanks for the blog!


    p.s. the birthday party for the guy on your page, is he related to you? The surname “Mooney” was my great grandmother’s maiden name. 🙂

    • No vamps or wolfies…I’ve started book three. Really can’t wait to return!

    • Sorry new to blog missed part of your message…

      Thank you for sharing the site. I will be spending more time there. I see it’s for a Canada gallery – I will check into local places to see if I can find out more information. I search again yesterday and dind’t find anything on Inukshuk’s in that area.

      RE: p.s. Mooney – very dear friend where did your grandmother live?


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