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 Sunday morning we checked the weather report as we were packing to change hotels.  We had reservations in Lynnwood, WA for Sunday and Monday nights at Holiday Inn Express (if you are looking for a mid-priced hotel in Seattle and have transportation, this would be at the top of my list, very clean and friendly, helpful staff).  Of course there was rain once again in the forecast and yes we woke to grey skies.  Nothing new in the forecast except they sounded a bit more insistent on the chance of rain.  We had plans to go on a whale watching tour with “Island Adventures”  

Since we weren’t sure how much time it would take to drive to our port of departure, we decided to leave early and grab a bite on the way or get a snack on the boat.  We had plenty of time and found the Vintage Café open in Everett.  We had relaxed breakfast with good food and good service.  We headed to the boat dock, before anything we received instructions from the captain and introduction to the crew (a naturalist and a deck hand). 

When looking at the whale report notice that April 10 is missing – there were NO whales and there was very little wild life around the sound that day.  It spit rain off and of during our whale watching trip, it was windy and cold.  I was very happy that I had brought my winter coat on this trip.  It wasn’t a great day for whale watching but it WAS a great day for spending time together, learning about the area and enjoying a bit of time on the water.  I bought tickets for a cruise that ‘guarantees’ whale sightings, we can go again someday (Love the area and I really want to spend more time in the Olympic Peninsula were we spent the day on April 11). 

These guys hung out by our hotel at Elliott Bay.  I’m not sure what they are but enjoyed watching them paddle the sound near the Edge Water Hotel.

Bill looking for whales.

Sea Gull

Olympic Mountains glaciers, seasonal snow and clouds. 

Boats as far a you can see

Somewhere along Whidbey Island.  A little left of center if a very light rainbow.  We were amazed at the distance of shore that would be exposed during low tide.

Wild Flower

Maintenance building in Deception Pass State Park.  Almost everything is covered in a thick layer of moss. 

Beyond the trees is the Strait of Juan De Fuca

Deception Pass scattered along the shores everywhere are huge logs from the surrounding forests.

On th left hand side of this photo, that cloud bank is not Marine Layer (as I  guessed), it was a squad.  The couple that we talked to explained that we’d be getting lots of rain.  I was expecting a Deadliest Catch sized storm and was surprised that it lacked lightning and was no worse than a normal St. Louis rain storm.  I had forgotten that Seattle averages 37.07 inches of rain a year while St. Louis averages 38.84 inches of rain.  Seattle has an average of 58 clear days while St. Louis has on average 101 clear days. We have more  rain but we also have about twice as many clear days probably making our storms a bit more intense.

Last day of our Seattle trip next.


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