Seattle Flower and Fauna Part 2   Leave a comment

Below are the last of flowers and fauna from the first three days in Seattle.  Sunday and Monday Bill and I enjoyed exploring Seattle.  The  remaining pictures are almost all flowers and fauna with a bit of engineering thrown in for good measure.

Populus nigra – black poplar  Friday on our exploration trip I saw these trees and wanted to stop to photograph.  These trees line both sides of the street and to my surprise there was a cemetery on both sides of the street too.  I quickly discovered that I had pulled into the Evergreen Washelli Cemetary near the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetary.  We quickly discovered that this cemetery had it’s own beauty and honored our veterans.  Too many headstones!

Crow at Evergreen Washelli Cemetary


Uria aalge – Common murre diving: These guys were hanging out in Elliott Bay.  I happened to catch this one just as he was getting ready to dive a second later and he was gone!

Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary: Love the smell love the tiny purple flowers.

Primula vulgaris – Commong primrose:  Planted in garden pots near the elevator from the waterfront l going to Pike Place Market

Larus glaucescens – Glaucous-Winged Gull:


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