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Seattle sunrise this time of year is around 6:30 and sunset is around 8:00.  Friday started cloudy but slowly cleared.  Kathy G (a friend that I met through NICET) and I decided to take a ride to Mount Olympus.  We made too many stops on the way and only got as far as the Visitor center.  It would have been another 45 minutes one way to Hurricane Ridge and it was going to be close if we would make it back to Seattle to meet our husbands and other Board members for dinner.  It was a beautiful drive, a beautiful day and fun adventure.  On our way back to Seattle I received a text from Bill – Northwestern and Wizard had arrived Friday afternoon and they were ‘parked’ outside our hotel room.  The Deadliest Catch crews were in our neighborhood!

Because we were running late we met everyone at the restaurant.  It was too dark to take photos of the boats.  We passed Edgar leaving the hotel – of course didn’t realize it until after he had passed by. 

Morning on the sound: Friday morning view from our hotel room.

First Ferry Ride

Ferry Wake

Mt Olympus looking over Kingston WA

Mt. Olympus:  On the way back to Seattle

Ferry & Not Ferry:  The sound was very calm look close and you will see the small boat’s reflection in the water.




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