Seattle Thursday, April 7, 2011   Leave a comment

Our first trip to Seattle!  Bill had meetings to attend and I took advantage!  Our day started with a 6 AM flight.  Because it was a clear day, I was able to take a few pictures while we were flying that gave me some amazing results.

Sunrise:  amazing color.  It looked like the cloud was glowing or that the color was coming from underneath. 


Wow What a view:  I was quite pleased with my attempt to take a picture out of the air plane window.  This picture has had no post production enhancements.  I loved the various shades of blue and that it reminds me of photos taken of the earth from space.

Mt. Rainier:  Not sure if I like the BW or the color version best.   

Olympic Mountains from Edge Water Hotel in Elliott Bay: After arriving in Seattle, driving to the hotel in rain (surprise) the sky cleared enough for us to see Mt. Olympia from our hotel.

Meet and greet Thursday night.  It was great seeing everyone!

Additional photos posted at:

I will be posting additional photos of Seattle so check back often.







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