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Seattle Flower and Fauna Part 2   Leave a comment

Below are the last of flowers and fauna from the first three days in Seattle.  Sunday and Monday Bill and I enjoyed exploring Seattle.  The  remaining pictures are almost all flowers and fauna with a bit of engineering thrown in for good measure.

Populus nigra – black poplar  Friday on our exploration trip I saw these trees and wanted to stop to photograph.  These trees line both sides of the street and to my surprise there was a cemetery on both sides of the street too.  I quickly discovered that I had pulled into the Evergreen Washelli Cemetary near the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetary.  We quickly discovered that this cemetery had it’s own beauty and honored our veterans.  Too many headstones!

Crow at Evergreen Washelli Cemetary


Uria aalge – Common murre diving: These guys were hanging out in Elliott Bay.  I happened to catch this one just as he was getting ready to dive a second later and he was gone!

Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary: Love the smell love the tiny purple flowers.

Primula vulgaris – Commong primrose:  Planted in garden pots near the elevator from the waterfront l going to Pike Place Market

Larus glaucescens – Glaucous-Winged Gull:


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Seattle Flower and Fauna   1 comment

I took pictures of flowers and wild life throughout our visit to Seattle.  The following didn’t  add to the story of those first days.  I’m will be adding them over the next few posts. 


When we arrived  at the hotel, these ‘guys’  where hanging out.  I was lucky to catch them as they were taking off.

Paddling the Sound – can you see his foot?

Common Murr

Flowers from the Edgewater restaurant.

Close and colored flowers.

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Many photos of Deadliest Catch in Seattle   Leave a comment

Click on picture to enlarge.







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Seattle Saturday, April 9, 2011   1 comment

We woke to the promise of what I assume would be a typical Seattle spring day – rain in the forecast.  My Deadliest Catch ‘stalking’ began in earnest – well between visiting the Seattle Aquarium, Pikes Place Eating Tour, Space Needle and dinner with NICET members. 

Deadliest Catch’s Northwestern and Wizard:  All three pictures were taken from our hotel balcony.  Pictures of the individual boats were taken with my cell phone’s camera. 

The Seattle Aquarium was nice.  Kay thanks for letting me tag along.  It’s hard not to compare it with Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I really liked the Ocean Oddities display.  You look at the fish in that tank and think “why”.  Watching the sea otters is always entertaining and the aquarium’s warm salt water fish and coral displays are beautiful.

Our next stop was Pikes Market for a tasting tour.  We had tastes from Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, Wild Harvest (Berries), Market Spice, Pike Place Fish Company (famous for throwing fish), Franks Quality Produce, Pike Place Chowder, Beecher’s (on site cheese  making), Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe and Etta’s .  This was a great experience that I’d suggest to anyone visiting Seattle.  On line food shopping is in my future!

Next stop was the Space Needle.  I’m not a huge fan of heights and get bored easily at observation decks.  The Space Needle is a view you will never forget!  We visited on a clear day (high clouds no haze), the mountains, the bay and even the surrounding buildings were beautiful.  Another must see Seattle experience!

We got back to the hotel with just enough time to freshen up for dinner.  Unfortunately we noticed the engines were running Captain and Crew stalking would NOT be on the activity list Saturday night.  This would be our last night with NICET board members and I don’t think they would understand staying at the hotel stalking The Deadliest Catch.  We enjoyed yet another great meal and great company with NICET board members.  Thanks Mike and Cherish for another well planned meeting.

NEXT: Deadliest Catch Photos

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Seattle Friday, April 8, 2011   Leave a comment


Seattle sunrise this time of year is around 6:30 and sunset is around 8:00.  Friday started cloudy but slowly cleared.  Kathy G (a friend that I met through NICET) and I decided to take a ride to Mount Olympus.  We made too many stops on the way and only got as far as the Visitor center.  It would have been another 45 minutes one way to Hurricane Ridge and it was going to be close if we would make it back to Seattle to meet our husbands and other Board members for dinner.  It was a beautiful drive, a beautiful day and fun adventure.  On our way back to Seattle I received a text from Bill – Northwestern and Wizard had arrived Friday afternoon and they were ‘parked’ outside our hotel room.  The Deadliest Catch crews were in our neighborhood!

Because we were running late we met everyone at the restaurant.  It was too dark to take photos of the boats.  We passed Edgar leaving the hotel – of course didn’t realize it until after he had passed by. 

Morning on the sound: Friday morning view from our hotel room.

First Ferry Ride

Ferry Wake

Mt Olympus looking over Kingston WA

Mt. Olympus:  On the way back to Seattle

Ferry & Not Ferry:  The sound was very calm look close and you will see the small boat’s reflection in the water.



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Seattle Thursday, April 7, 2011   Leave a comment

Our first trip to Seattle!  Bill had meetings to attend and I took advantage!  Our day started with a 6 AM flight.  Because it was a clear day, I was able to take a few pictures while we were flying that gave me some amazing results.

Sunrise:  amazing color.  It looked like the cloud was glowing or that the color was coming from underneath. 


Wow What a view:  I was quite pleased with my attempt to take a picture out of the air plane window.  This picture has had no post production enhancements.  I loved the various shades of blue and that it reminds me of photos taken of the earth from space.

Mt. Rainier:  Not sure if I like the BW or the color version best.   

Olympic Mountains from Edge Water Hotel in Elliott Bay: After arriving in Seattle, driving to the hotel in rain (surprise) the sky cleared enough for us to see Mt. Olympia from our hotel.

Meet and greet Thursday night.  It was great seeing everyone!

Additional photos posted at:

I will be posting additional photos of Seattle so check back often.






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Jim’s 50th   Leave a comment

Attended Jim Mooney’s 50th Birthday last night.  Thanks Glenda we had a wonderful time!  I need to work on indoor and people photos.



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