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Saturday night NY City had 60 mph wind guests. Listening to the news Sunday morning we discovered the wind had pushed over trees and knocked down scaffolding  Daily News take on the weather event:

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Sue and Ken before they headed back to New Jersey. New York Diner’s know how to make the perfect egg! It was great spending time with Sue and Ken and we can’t wait for their visit to St. Louis. After breakfast Bill and I headed over to B&H. If in NY you need to stop and shop. Good deals with GREAT customer service. Thanks Cookie and Tommy for taking me here the last time we visited NY. We walked back to the hotel to meet up with Tommy, Cookie and Logan. Sunday afternoon we walked around at Home Show that was in NJ at the Meadowlands. Of course we walked away with more ideas to add to our ‘To Do’ list. Next we stopped at IKEA to look at kitchen cabinets. We liked what we saw – after Tommy’s suggestions and seeing a few additional cabinet ideas, we’ll be re-designing. Thanks Tommy, your suggestions resolved several concerns. before the day was over, Cookie and I made plans for shopping on Monday.

Monday morning we woke to a beautiful blanket of snow that made me giggle. I knew many in NY were sick sick sick of snow, but Monday’s snow made everything look so very pretty. Yes it was messy to walk in, yes it got dirty fast but I still loved it! Bill and I stopped for breakfast on the way to CCI’s NY office. NY Diners = Great Breakfast! It was nice seeing a few of CCI’s NY team again. I enjoyed the view and took advantage of the large windows and ‘deck’.

I hopped on the subway and headed to Queens to meet Cookie. Cookie, Logan and I went to Roosevelt Field. On the way to the car we stopped at a little store around the corner from Cookie’s apartment. I bought a blue, leaded glass, candy dish. It looks great in the living room with the other blue glass and will remind me of our NY visit. I didn’t make it past J C Penny’s at the mall because they were having a great sale. I ended up buying two coats and a couple of turtle necks. Thank goodness I brought a large suitcase that was under-packed.

After the boys got off work, Cookie, Tommy, Bill and I had dinner in Queens. Tommy and Cookie drove us back to our hotel which kept us from schelping computer bag, camera bag and shopping bags – THANKS! Tuesday would be back to reality day with an early flight and a working afternoon.

We had a GREAT time in NY. It was great meeting the men working on Penn Station, please visit St. Louis! Cookie and Tommy, you have been special friends for 30 years and I’m looking forward to another 30 years of friendship and visits! We need to start planning our next ‘get together’. Sue and Ken it was great seeing you in New York and can’t wait to see you on ‘Our Turf’. Sue when you visit, I’ll check the shop’s schedule for a class and/or try to schedule a basket session with the ladies.

Next: Montage of favorite NY pictures.


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