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NYC found us up early to meet Sue and Ken for breakfast.  Bill and Ken met through NYSOMH project.  Their work relationship has turned into a friendship.   Last fall we met Ken and Sue in Kentucky for breakfast at Lynn’s. Today found us eating breakfast at Andrew’s Coffee Shop at 35th and 7th Avenue.  Breakfast seems to be turning into a theme.  After breakfast we walked down to Times Square to decide on a show Half Priced Tickets.  Bill got first choice since this would be his first Broadway Show.  He picked Million Dollar Quartet:   WOO HOO Six seats together still available for half price!  Standing outside was windy and the temps were dropping!  It was going to be a cold NYC day with promises of dropping temps and blustery winds. 

We made arrangements to meet Cookie and Tommy outside the Theater near show time.  We had a few hours to kill so Ken and Sue and Bill and I decided to take a trip to Grand Central.  WOW! 

After looking around and marveling at the workmanship, we took a train downtown to try and see the abandoned section of City Hall station that I had read about  We didn’t stay on the train for the ‘tour’ of City Hall.  We will try again next time we’re in NY.

The temperatures continued to drop and the wind got stronger and stronger.  After lunch and a quick stop at the hotel to change into warmer clothes, Sue, Ken Bill and I hopped in a taxi and headed for the Nederlander Theatre  to meet Cookie and Tommy.  About a year ago Bill and I had met friends in Memphis and toured Sun Studio’s   We heard Sun’s version of the “”Million Dollar Quartet”. Neederlander is a small Theater and we really enjoyed the show.  I can’t wait for our next trip to New York and more shows. 

After Million Dollar Quartet the six of us had dinner at Trattoria Dopo Teatro  Great Food and even better company.  It was a special day spending time with friends. We had talked about walking over to M&M’s store after dinner but once outside phew the wind, THE WIND.  It was just too cold and way too windy to walk the few blocks.  Tommy and Cookie headed home, Ken, Sue, Bill and I jumped in a taxi and headed back to the hotel. 

After two long days and little sleep, I was sound asleep by 6:30 or 7:00.  I know, I know New York City and asleep so early???   I did wake up a few times because of the sound of something crashing outside.  The wind was relentless. 


Grand Central The hall where the past meets the present with furute in view.. 

Amazing workmanship! 

Sue, Ken and Bill checking out the ceiling.

Meet me at the clock in Grand Central…


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