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Even though we had a late night Thursday night, I woke early Friday morning, excitement, noise or habit?  We went to bed at 4:00 AM and woke up at 8 AM.  After breakfast, we walked back to Times Square because I wanted to take a few pictures that required sunshine or better flash. 

Below is a view of Times Square from the 8th floor of Marriott Marquis  WOW what a view – don’t forget to check out the 45 floor atrium and the ‘smart’ elevators.  You choose your floor before entering an elevator car 


Back to Penn Station area to meet Cookie. We jumped on the subway and headed downtown to China Town and Little Italy.  We had lunch on Mott Street and a bit of friend catch up time. 

Clockwise: A group playing in the 42nd Street station.   

Playing with reflections:  Bill, Me and Cookie waiting for Gelato at Ferrara Bakery & Café.  There was a mirrored wall on the other side of our booth and I thought I’d play a bit with the reflection and liked the results).  A visit to NY should include Ferrara’s YUMMO!! They have the best Gelato!

Tile work at the 42nd street station:  We noticed the new and old tile work at the 42nd street station.  As we rode downtown on the BMT line from one stop to another we got a chance to see new and old works of art

Not Abbey Road:  Fun Facts!


As we were walking down the street in China Town, we saw this great view of the Empire State Building centered and framed.  Check out the green buds on the tree.  NY has had a really rough winter, we were surprised at how wonderful the weather was – jacket/sweeter weather in February??


Bill, Cookie and I met Tommy (Cookie’s husband) in Times Square at Planet Hollywood for dinner.   Wow what a difference in the amount of vehicle and foot traffic.  It would have been really hard to stop and take photos Friday evening.  After dinner Bill and I walked Tommy and Cookie to their bus stop.  On the way back to our hotel we stopped by Rockefeller Center. 

Busy day planned for Saturday, Feb 19, Meeting Ken and Sue for breakfast and a Broadway show for the six of us (Cookie & Tommy, Ken & Sue, Bill & me). Next: NYC Day 3 Feb 19.



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