NY City Over Presidents’ Day Weekend! Thursday Feb 17   Leave a comment

Bill met me at the airport Thursday night.  We dropped  off my luggage and headed to Penn Station.  The weather was beautiful –  I didn’t wear a coat or jacket and the streets were quiet. After meeting the ‘guys’ Bill and I headed for Times Square.  Knowing  that it would not be necessary to have a tripod or powerful flash – The Lights, The Lights – made photographing the area at night a breeze.    Above is Bill and I on the JumboTron in Times Square.  After our Times Square we headed to Tick Tock Dinner to have coffee with  the ‘guys’ and dinner for me.  Thanks Phil, Mat and Tommy it was a great meal along with even better company.  It was a great way  to start my mini-vacation in your great city!

Give my regards to Broadway, Mary Mary, It’s  a grand old flag a high flying flag….George M. Cohan Standing in Times Square http://timessquare.com/New_York_City/Times_Square_NYC/George_M._Cohan_Still_Stands_in_Times_Square/

I thought this gentleman was a statue. Was quickly corrected that this guy has been hanging out at Penn Station – the homeless in NY are allowed to spend the night in Penn Station because of the severe weather this winter.  Sad, very sad that gold paint is a layer of protection.


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