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When your sister is a docent for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you have a very special guided tour.  I am so impressed that most people in the bay area, not just the ‘tree huggers’,  exude a consciousness of protection for the bay and surrounding areas.  If you get a chance to visit the aquarium, don’t miss feeding time for the sea otters and the dual flush toilets (water conservation).    Say “Hi” to the volunteers in the Red Jackets, they have spent many hours in training to help you enjoy your Monterey Bay Aquarium experience. 

Sardines swirling in the Kelp Forest tank.


Leafy Sea Dragon seahorse

 Crystal Jellies

 Jelly Fish

More Jellies

Taken from the observation deck behind the aquarium looking into Monterey Bay.  It was a very windy day causing white caps and this otter appeared to be playing and enjoying the day even thougth we humans may have thought yeww windy rainy yuck day.

Taken at Coral Reef in Splash Zone

Blackfooted Penguin


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